Kamis, Agustus 11, 2011

Wonderful Result

Yesterday at around 11 am, when we were busy to do an SPSS and Excel exercise in computer class with Andrea marques, our teacher, I saw Wardah stood up on the corner and raised her hands to God. I was confused and started to ask: What's going on? She said: "IELTS result was issued and we are sent from sms by Aude, CES staff". Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my handphone at that time.

Immediately, I started to search the result online through the IELTS official website- actually I had tried to find it since last night- but I still didn't have any result. It hasn't been published yet. I didn't lost my idea. I sent an email to Aude that told I forgot to bring my phone and asked the result and continued my exercise.

Emilius Sudirjo to Aude
show details 11:31 AM (12 hours ago)

Dear Aude,

I forgot to bring my phone today. could you email my IELTS result to me?



About 5 minutes later, a notice message from my g-mail appeared on the right-top my screen, it was from Aude. With a palpitated heart, I opened the mail.

Collioud Aude (SSC) to me
show details 11:34 AM (12 hours ago)


Of course!!

You did excellent: Congratulations!!

L: 7.5 R: 8.5 W: 6.0 S: 7.0

Overall: 7.5

Well done!!

THANKS GOD.... It was an amazing result that I ever got. I was very happy because every single effort made since I came to Maastricht was paid off. It's 1,5 higher than my result in Jakarta.

However, the most important is I don't need to book my return ticket to Indonesia now but next year or two year later. And I say "Wageningen, I'm coming"

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